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              1. PowerVideoMaker Professional: As easy as clicking Start button

              Using PowerVideoMaker

              After importing powerpoint source file and specifying  output folder, you can click Start button to convert PowerPoint to video using default settings.

              Convert PowerPoint  to Movie
              2. Presentersoft MediaEasy: How  It Works - Five Easy Steps

              CHOOSE A TEMPLATE

              Presentersoft MediaEasy lets you create a professional multimedia presentation based on the included graphical templates. Just a click to select one.

              See included templates...


              You can import any files or slides that are supported by Presentersoft MediaEasy to use these files in your presentation maker projects. After importing, click the Play button to begin playing the audio or video files on the timeline. click Next button to synchronize the current slide shown in the Slide window with the current part of the audio and/or video that is playing.

              Entering presentation information



              In the Preview Presentation tab, you can preview your project as it will appear as a published presentation.


              After your presentation is finished, you're ready to share it with anyone in the world via the Internet, corporate network or by burning a CD. Simply press "Publish" and select how and where you want to publish your presentation content.

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