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About PresenterSoft Inc.

PresenterSoft, Inc., founded in early 2002 ,is the leading provider of easy-to-use multimedia presentation software and slide show presentation software. Profitable since its founding ,the company is passionately committed to fulfilling its mission - creating the easiest,the most affordable presentation software.

The use of streaming media in corporations has more than doubled in the last year. But one of the obstacles to advancing broader adoption of digital media in organizations has been the lack of easy-to-use tools for creating multimedia content. Up until today,the creation of multimedia presentations can be a frustrating, expensive, and time consuming task. PresenterSoft's multimedia presentation software and slide show presentation software provide a more professional and effective way to combines video, audio, images, HTML, and PowerPoint slides to create rich-media presentations that can be published on the Web, intranet, or on a CD. PresenterSoft's presentation software makes it easy for everyone to present, teach and communicate online.

There are virtually unlimited ways you can immediately start using PresenterSoft's Presentation Software. here are just a few examples:

  • On-demand executive broadcasts.
  • Developing training seminars
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Sales Proposals
  • Online Documentation
  • Marketing Briefings
  • Informal business communications
  • Vacation Highlights
  • Holiday Greetings
  • Video Resumes
  • Distance learning, course descriptions and online lessons

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